Aspergers Syndrome affects both girls and boys. The symptoms of this disorder are however, different in boys than in girls. A milder form of autism, this disorder is primarily detected through aggressive behavior of the individual. As boys are generally extrovert, the symptoms of Aspergers in them are far more pronounced than in the girls. Consequently, the boys are diagnosed more than the girls.

Reviewing the number of patients diagnosed for the disease, a reviewer would suggest that the number of boys having Aspergers is ten times more that the girls. In reality however, the result is not that high but only 4 times more than the girls. The mismatch in the data is due to the following reasons:

  • Girls are not as belligerent as boys and don’t get noticed easily with this anomaly.
  • Girls are better capable of expressing their emotions. As a result they are far more able to control outbursts, stress, and mental upheavals.
  • Girls have passive symptoms which can be easily suppressed or won over. Parents don’t often notice the problem. And, even if they do, they would not diagnose it if the problem remains noticed.
  • Girls by nature help one another to cope up with various emotional upheavals. As a result, an aspie girl would be supported by her friends to be social, open, and happy – naturally, symptoms don’t show.
  • Girls show interest in arts rather than technology. And, even if they have an interest, they generally don’t delve so much so that it becomes conspicuous.
  • Girls have a tendency to mimic. They try to emulate someone else persona rather than their own in a bid to stay with the crowd.
  • Girls with Aspergers are quick to learn new things and far more motivated than her corresponding male friends. So, an aspie girl would go unnoticed because she would have more intelligence that would appeal others.

Girls with Aspergers Syndrome may not require special school or help. She may just require some attention and care from her parents. This may not be possible for a boy having Aspergers. It is important for the parents to know the disorder and symptoms that go with it so that they can guide their daughter better. If needed, they should learn up the learning plans as that can help their daughter to acquire skills that she cannot otherwise comprehend.

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