Jobs for Aspergers

Aspie Adults can Work Hard, Excel in a Particular Field, and Earn Good Money if They Choose the Right Job Consider this: Outbursts, meltdown, erratic behaviors, and unresponsive conduct at workplace or grumpy reply to business delegates during a conference. The result would be an immediate dismissal from the company. Individuals with Aspergers Syndrome can […]

Aspergers Child

Having a child with Aspergers Syndrome By Mary Smith Whenever you have children you always hope that they are going to remain healthy and strong for a long time. You pray and hope that nothing will affect your child and that it will grow up happy and strong and achieve everything they set out to […]

Living with Asperger Kids in a new community

Its always a challenge when you move with your Aspie kids especially if you decide to live in a rural location. People in such areas usually have: a strong community a great sense for belonging less expose to Autism and diversity often difficulties to understand Aspergers Sydnrome and its “different lifestyles” a different education a […]

Living with Aspergers Syndrome

Living with Aspergers Syndrome By Anthony Childs I’m not going to deny it: I can say I almost love being different. Love being able to say that there is something wrong with me and love being able to let people know that the reason I am weird is down to a condition that hardly anybody […]

I have Aspergers Syndrome

My Experience with Aspergers Syndrome By Chris Jones For a long time now I have had a condition that not many people know about. It’s a condition that really has not many physical signs and can sometimes be put down to just being a bit ‘weird’. It’s a condition too that hasn’t really been out […]

Parents with Aspergers

Parents with Aspergers have often unique abilities to understand the complex needs of their own Aspie offspring because they can memorize how it was when they experienced similar problems in childhood. There are no better teachers than the own parents who can guide a Aspie child through the daily routine. While a parent with Aspergers […]

Family with Aspergers Syndrome

Cohesion, Bonding, Love, and Little Awareness can make an Aspie Member Live in a Well-Knit Family Aspergers Syndrome can affect people of all age-groups. When kids are affected, it is easy to address the issue as there are schools and curriculum which help an Aspie kid to develop in their own way. However, many spouses […]

Rubbish hording

Live can be so frustration for a person suffering from compulsive hoarding. If have a family member who loves hording rubbish you can see the following behaviours. She has for some reason a problem with rubbish bins and tries to avoid them for some unexplained reasons. She puts rubbish usually in cupboards, corners of rooms, […]