Aspergers Child

Having a child with Aspergers Syndrome By Mary Smith Whenever you have children you always hope that they are going to remain healthy and strong for a long time. You pray and hope that nothing will affect your child and that it will grow up happy and strong and achieve everything they set out to […]

Living with Asperger Kids in a new community

Its always a challenge when you move with your Aspie kids especially if you decide to live in a rural location. People in such areas usually have: a strong community a great sense for belonging less expose to Autism and diversity often difficulties to understand Aspergers Sydnrome and its “different lifestyles” a different education a […]

Living with Aspergers Syndrome

Living with Aspergers Syndrome By Anthony Childs I’m not going to deny it: I can say I almost love being different. Love being able to say that there is something wrong with me and love being able to let people know that the reason I am weird is down to a condition that hardly anybody […]

I have Aspergers Syndrome

My Experience with Aspergers Syndrome By Chris Jones For a long time now I have had a condition that not many people know about. It’s a condition that really has not many physical signs and can sometimes be put down to just being a bit ‘weird’. It’s a condition too that hasn’t really been out […]

Rubbish hording

Live can be so frustration for a person suffering from compulsive hoarding. If have a family member who loves hording rubbish you can see the following behaviours. She has for some reason a problem with rubbish bins and tries to avoid them for some unexplained reasons. She puts rubbish usually in cupboards, corners of rooms, […]