Its always a challenge when you move with your Aspie kids especially if you decide to live in a rural location.

People in such areas usually have:

  1. a strong community
  2. a great sense for belonging
  3. less expose to Autism and diversity
  4. often difficulties to understand Aspergers Sydnrome and its “different lifestyles”
  5. a different education
  6. a more basic approach to life
  7. their own problems

What should you expect

Of course everybody wants to help because:

  1. You are new.
  2. They really want to find out who you and your kids are.
  3. They are bored and have nothing else to do anyway.
  4. They want you to join their church or institution.
  5. They hope to find new friends.

What happens if they know you and your Asperger kids?

  1. They could loose interest because all this is overwhelming for them.
  2. They get reserved because they don’t want to get involved.
  3. They have excuses because they feel scared that you would rely on them.
  4. They ignore you and your kids because they don’t understand Autism.
  5. They blame you because they don’t understand you. Of course they will not confront you directly, because this wouldn’t be polite.
  6. They will talk about you. Imagine what a story they have to tell since nothing else interesting happens anyway in such regions!!!
  7. They report you to the police because they just want to help, but don’t know how.


How you should deal with your new community?

  1. First of all, try to understand them.
  2. Stay calm.
  3. Don’t think bad about them. How should they know …
  4. Keep smiling.
  5. Be prepared.
  6. Laugh about it: Make your own fun about the matter. Get your kids involved 🙂 Imagine you are part of a funny comedy and an actor.

Keep in mind if you stay positive things will change at some stage. There are always some honest people around, usually this are the ones who have experienced challenges in life too and are socially well educated.

Whats should you do next?

  1. Be patient!
  2. Don’t expect much!
  3. There is always a chance that they learn to understand Aspergers at some stage, at least when one of their family members gets a  diagnose within  the spectrum.

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