In Australia, there are many agencies that provide special needs Au Pair who can live with the kid and provide support and care to the child. A child with Aspergers Syndrome or any other form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) requires additional help as compared to kids of his age. A specially trained Au Pair would have the required knowhow to look after the kids successfully.

It is however, not easy to find a perfect help at hand, especially when your kid is quite young and requires behavioral therapies to cope with the sensitivities and “acting out” sessions. Here are some ways you can proceed to hunt for a perfect compassionate Au Pair for your special need kid.

Role of Agencies
Remember, therapy techniques must be introduced to the child as a part of the daily ritual. It is necessary for Au Pair to find the task as a special need childcare activist acceptable. There are agencies which provide links on host families where there is an autistic child.

An Au Pair agency would perform the following tasks:

  • Seek special need Au Pairs who have knowledge and experience to deal with aspie kids
  • Keep a track of the expectations of the Au Pair and the wants of the host families.
  • Find an appropriate family and link her there.
  • Conduct preliminary interviews and screenings.

…And, the coordinator would take care of the checklist and agreement finalization after the host family finalizes the Au Pair. It is essential the both the parties provide checklist to ascertain what to expect in this relationship.

Role of the Government
The Australian government provides child care Inclusion Support Subsidy (ISS) to encourage Au Pairs to work more with host families who have special need child. The subsidy would rope in special needs Au Pair to provide support in almost all major areas where the child requires help. The funding would be utilized to fund special need Au Pairs and nannies and address the resources needed for the same.

Who Fits the Bill?
There are many Au Pairs who want to work with the autistic kids or kids having one or many of the ASD symptoms. Some students working abroad in Australia as Occupational Therapist, Pediatric Nurse, Speech Therapist, Physical Therapist, or special early development teacher require a suitable work experience before taking up the profession as their career.

Host families provide the perfect work experience that such students need to have. All the more, the students stay for free at their host family’s house and take care of the kids. The ideal job chores for the special needs Au Pair are:

  • Looking after a special need child – physical requirements, such as maintaining hygiene, food habits, etc
  • Performing behavioral intervention or therapies along with the other helpers
  • Perform toilet training and basic education required during early childhood.

…And, the payment could be between 7 – 28 Dollars (depending on your work experience, qualifications, if you are live-in or live-out) or so for an hour’s work. An Au Pair can work about 45 hours per week.

If you are ready to work for a cause, have suitable experience as a disability support worker, there are apt special need Au Pair jobs for you.

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