Children with Autism Symptom Disorder (ASD) require specialized nannies to take care of their needs, teach them basic hygiene skills, and help them learn some behavioral intervention skills. As the kids have high sensitivity to certain stimuli or cannot comprehend social skills and interpersonal gestures while talking with another person, they often have problems to perform well in schools or show consistent social behaviors.

What does Special Needs Nanny do?
A special needs nanny can help ASD kids to find a way to survive in this world and learn the mannerisms of our society. Apart from the learning curriculum at home, the nanny takes care of their needs, inculcates a sense of value to the kids, and induces joy, mirth, and motivation in the kids.

The nannies often live-in with the aspie kid or come over each day for a certain period of time. They also help in looking after therapy pets if the autistic child owns one or takes the kid for a long drive.

Where to get a Special Needs Nanny?
There are many nanny centers which provide special needs nanny. In situations where interaction with like-minded kids is required, nanny sharing possibility is also considered. Here, the nanny resides with one family while babysits at the house of the other family – but, takes care of the kids of both the families.

The nanny centers perform the following tasks before referring a special needs nanny to the host family that has an ASD kid. The common checklist would include:

  • Finding out what kind of job work is needed to be performed by a nanny.
  • Matching the correct host family that suits the nanny’s education and experience.
  • Checking out the efficacy of the special needs nanny and reference she has provided.
  • Undertaking screening and interviewing the ideal choices.
  • Introducing the nanny to the family.
  • Helping in documentation, checklist formation, and finalization of the contract with the two concerned parties.
  • Proving support at all times to the host family as well as to the special needs nanny.

Features of an Efficient Special Need Nanny
Apart from normal traits of a nanny, it is important for the nanny to handle kids with erratic moods and reactions. A special needs nanny would require the following traits:

  • Congenial trait of the nanny so that she can bring joy and aspiration to the ASD kids.
  • Apt qualifications, such as bachelor in education, PG in autism.
  • Apt experience or hands-on training to train all types of ASD kids.

Rates and Expectations
The government of Australian has initiated a subsidy for in-house caregivers. The caregivers are certified by the government before they are allowed to pursue their career. A special needs nanny would cost around 30 Dollars per hour. Some other expectations would include:

  • A dedicated room for nanny.
  • Weekly payment to the nanny for her services.
  • Complimentary domestic transfer.
  • Car insurance or reimbursement of expenses for traveling.
  • Reimbursement of other expenses of the nanny to entertain the kid.

So, if you are going o a shift duty or don’t have the skill to look after your ASD kid, go for special needs nanny to do the job effortlessly.

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