Aspie Kids can Manage Physical Co-ordination, Develop Social Skills and Well-Being when Associated with Pets

Animal-assisted therapy for Aspergers can show a remarkable improvement in a child. Interaction with animals, such as horses, cats, and dogs, help the kids to bond well, gain self-confidence, and be happy as they can overcome their loneliness.

A pet is indeed a friend-in-need as it bonds well and allows the owner to overcome isolation. In kids suffering from Asperger Syndrome, pet therapy is often used to help them be happy, content, and social. This is especially true in cases where an aspie finds it difficult to mingle with kids of their age and require friendly support to remain motivated in life.

Dogs and cats are popular animals used as therapy pets. However, in many ways, you can use horses, dolphins, and even fish for therapeutic effect. Such interactions at regular intervals with the animals can work wonders for the child.

Sensory and Relational Development
Studies have showed that pets enable Aspie kids to develop their sensory stimuli, respond naturally to feelings, and inculcate a relational attribute. Pet dogs for instance, can instill emotional relationships among Aspie kids so that they are able to cope up with social interactions, get motivated, and be sensitive to feelings. Pet therapy works well in relational intervention development (RDI) where the child is encouraged to promote emotional and social traits rather than discreet skills.

Companionship and Awareness
Pets are wonderful companions and playmate for kids. A kid who has a family pet at home can cope up to social changes, have better moods, and also have better understanding to the surroundings.  For kids with Aspergers Syndrome, the pets have similar effects. The pets can even keep them comfortable when they go out on holidays or face a different environment.

Equine Therapy for Aspie Kids
Although there is still scope for research and development in this area, yet it has been proved that horse riding has a positive effect on kids suffering from emotional and behavioral problems, such as those having Asperger’s Syndrome. Horse riding helps the kids to overcome clumsiness, concentrate on one activity at a time, and control non-verbal impairments. There are more reasons why a horse acts as a perfect therapeutic pet.

  • Rhythmic movement during a horse-ride makes the child to relax and concentrate on one activity.
  • Horse-riding has a soothing effect on the child.
  • Interaction with the horse helps the kid to develop social relationship, tactile senses, and verbal communication.
  • Grooming the horse, learning to ride the animal, and reining it, help the kid to develop its motor skills.

…And, the kid also imbibes self-confidence through interaction with the pet animal. In fact, horses are allowed to choose the rider – the aspie kid for instance – instead the other way round. This allows the kid to understand non-verbal communication. It further initiates bonding of the two and motivates the kid to learn better at home or in school.

Remember, pets give unconditional love. Aspergers Syndrome kids can at least get a lovable friend that gives the soothing therapy to the child.

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