Work with Autistic Children

There are many opportunities today where one can work with an autistic child or an Aspie. For instance:

  • PG students in Autism or Aspergers Syndrome – Graduates can take up further studies in Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) by enrolling to a PG Autism-specific course. After completing the curriculum, the students get jobs at various Autism clinics or rehabilitation centers.
  • Early-Year Development Specialist – Early-year professionals would take care of kids who have just been diagnosed with ASD anomaly. The early intervention tasks would be implemented by health caregiver, child-sitter for ASD kids, special nanny, nursery nurse, child therapist, or child educationist. All the specialists work towards helping the child to cope with ASD symptoms.
  • Specialist Teachers for Autism – Specialist faculty would be:
  1. Teachers trained to teach ASD pupils either at a normal school with ASD students or special school for autistic students. Teaching qualification, special training, experience, or PG-degree in ASD would be the ideal way to pursue a career in this field.
  2. Teaching assistant (TA) to train pupil by providing 1-to-1 support. Learning Support Assistant (LSA) would also perform similar functions. No teaching qualification is required in such jobs. However, training and experience is a must.
  3. Educational psychologist to support ASD kids who have difficulty in learning in school. The child is provided with tests and behavioral intervention. Teachers with degree in psychology degree or conversion course can apply for this post. A PG or doctorate in educational psychology would be a great idea to pursue this job as one’s career option
  • Health-care professionals – The pros offer relief to ASD kids suffering from physical or mental problems. Some common specialists in the area are pediatrician, psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, special nurses, speech therapist, language therapist, occupational therapist, dietitian, or a counselor.
  •  Social care activists – This involves two types of workers:
  1.  Social care work would entail those working as a social care activist, caregivers or assistances, and residential service managers. Autism schools also seek residential managers or social workers to care for the children.
  2. Paraprofessionals who train people to take care of autistic child at home.
  • Therapists – They include helpers who provide behavioral therapies to the ASD kid or an adult. Therapists can be of various types, such as art therapists, music therapists, play or drama therapists, and so on. The therapist of a particular category must have similar qualification in the graduation level.

Many people keen to work for the ASD society work as volunteers in various health centers, NGOs, and charity centers. The work would involve support, development, education, or advice to the ASD people.

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